Top 7 Places to Find Assistance

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Life as a single parent presents many challenges in unexpected areas of life. There a large selection of organizations that seek to help and present solutions to those struggling and in need. A variety of nonprofits exist which may be able to assist you:

1. Help a Mother Out

Dedicated to raising awareness and providing diapers to families in need, this nonprofit has 22 agencies across the United States which serve as “diaper banks” to needy families. On top of this, they also provide similar hygiene supplies.

2. The Mommies Network

This nonprofit provides a safe, free place for mothers to connect with one another. They can offer encouragement and advice to one another on an online network to assure them that they’re not alone in their journeys.

3. Feeding America

A domestic hunger-relief charity, Feeding America provides struggling families with fresh food all across the nation. They provide an opportunity for adults and their children to become self-reliant to crush both poverty and hunger.

4. After School Alliance

This nonprofit ensures that every child has access to a rewarding and valuable afterschool program, whether it has educational benefits or offers physical recreation. It seeks to highlight high-quality, affordable programs that may help you and your children.

5. Head Start

Working to develop the minds of young children from low-income families to ensure their school-readiness, Head Start offers a learning environment to sharpen children’s minds in basic skills. It is all-inclusive and works to meet the needs and agendas of any single parent.

6. Extended Family

Extended Family is a catch-all organization that works hard to meet the various needs of single parents and their children. They offer financial assistance toward basics such as food, clothing, and shelter.

7. Helping Hands for Single Moms

This nonprofit provides scholarships, financial assistance, and support to single mothers. They serve to make it much simpler for a single parent to fulfill their dream of pursuing a college degree.

Several organizations have made it their mission to help. You are never alone, and there are many options out there. Single parents now have many resources available to them which allow a fulfilling life for them and their children.

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