Scholarship & Mentorship Program for College Degree in Austin TX

Since 2012, PelotonU has offered a higher education pathway that blends online education and in person mentorship. It provides students flexibility to study on their own time, opportunity to avoid debt, and exposure to experiences outside the classroom to broaden ongoing learning. Students come to the PelotonU office at Center 61 for mentorship, tutoring, and life skills classes. They graduate with a clear plan to pursue their vocation.

Here’s how we do it:


PelotonU provides a $3,000 annual scholarship to regionally accredited and competency based online universities. Students enroll for up to two years and are equipped to effectively finish their
education after the program.


PelotonU provides students a full time mentor who offers accountability and insight for their personal development. The mentor works alongside each

Life skills

PelotonU offers a two year supplemental curriculum. In their first year students master a series of leadership development competencies. In their second year they pursue a specialty with guidance from community leaders PelotonU accepts students on a rolling basis for three enrollment periods in the fall, winter, and summer. Before applying, it’s important to remember PelotonU works exclusively with competency based online universities. Online education, in contrast to a traditional classroom, is personalized to each student’s aptitude. This means successful students are self-motivated, curious, and independent learners. Admitted students participate in a sixty day provisional enrollment. They must meet four standards each week to become eligible for a scholarship. These standards are to maintain regular academic progress, spend twelve hours studying at the office, meet with their mentor, and attend life skills seminars

You will need:

• High school graduate with transcript
• Currently employed
• Eighteen years of age or older
• Three references

To begin your application, go to: Apply Here!

You have a flexible schedule.

You work on school when you want. You aren’t confined to showing up to class every MWF at 8am and can build your school schedule around your work and life. We’re open Monday-Thursday from 9am-7pm and Friday & Saturday from 9am-5pm, giving you lots of options for when you work on school in our office.

You earn a degree fast.

Since the school we work with is a competency-based model, you are only enrolled in one class at a time. This means you don’t have to worry about juggling deadlines for your math, history and science classes all at once. It also means you can fly through classes quickly. On average, our students are graduating with an Associate’s degree in 9-12 months and a Bachelor’s degree in 2.5-3 years. Curious what degrees are offered? Check out the list here.

You pay tuition that’s actually affordable.

Since you’re going faster through classes, you spend less money on school. The cost of college through PelotonU is $5,500/year without any hidden costs or fees. Over 70% of our students cover this full cost with their Pell Grant, costing them nothing financially to join our program and earn a degree. We can chat through financial options that make the most sense for you.

You get the support you need.

Online education alone is hard. That’s why you’ll enjoy having a cohort of other students like you that are working full-time and also going to school. You’ll have an office to study in, peers to collaborate with, and mentors to provide guidance, accountability, and tutoring.

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