This Austin Texas Ministry will help you get a car ASAP!


This is another amazing resource here in the Austin TX area!  It is called Workers 2 Work.

Their mission is to give the working poor a leg up into the middle class by lending them vehicles while they save money, gain personal finance skills, and attend to their spirituality. If accepted into the program, you will meet with  one of their personal treasurers to reality check your financial picture.
  • How much do you make?
  • Where does it go?
  • And most importantly, how much can you save each week without a car payment?

From this conversation you will create a savings goal you can actually meet.

This is your savings goal:

  1. You must deposit this amount into you savings account each week to keep their car.
  2. Their mission is not just help you save money but to see your life transformed. Therefore, they require their clients to complete Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University within three months of entering the program. This highly acclaimed, 16 week program is the best personal finance training we have ever seen. Various organizations offer this class at different times all over Austin, often it is free, just ask the organization hosting it. They’ll help you locate one.
  3. They also care about your spiritual health. Their clients must participate in one activity that nourishes their soul each week. They don’t require you to join any specific church or faith tradition. They want you to find something that helps develop your spirituality. For example, Yoga qualifies. Your personal treasurer can help you find something that’s right for you. .
That’s it! If you meet these three goals each week, you can borrow one of their cars for up to three years. By that time, you’ll should have saved enough money to buy your own set of wheels… In cash!
To apply, go to:
2407 South Congress Ave, Ste E229, Austin, TX 78704.
Speak with: Ellis Oglesby
Phone: (347) 766- 6750, (800) 932-1490

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